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About Us

Our story


Our story unfolds from November 2008.

Starting with the concept of providing the best set of solutions for your needs, we adopted an unpopular yet rewarding route in the market.

We provided the beauty solutions to a lesser-known group in the society where the women who are less privileged, hardworking, but offer a significant contribution to society.

Our bulk product supply model to the apparel industry and other manufacturing industries for their unique needs helped our women preserve their skin and hair where they face challenges in the inherent nature of their workplace environment.

After 12 years,we are stepping up for the next phase of our journey with the introduction of our
products to the consumer market with highest possible amount of natural ingredients in all our premium products and with the most skin-friendly ingredients for the other products due to the popular demand from our customers.

As the substandard cosmetic products flood in the market, it’s our promise to offer the best possible and safest products for your body.

Our promise is to not just another product, but a healthy mix of cosmetics and natural products that would treat, nourish, and protect your body.

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Our Mission

Revitalize natural beauty of every human being making them comfortable in their own skin.

Our Vision

Become the leading natural products based cosmetic manufacturer in Sri Lanka by
2025 with the most innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices to preserve the environment.

Sustainability Policy

360 º Sustainability is paramount to us. Our team continuously work towards providing only the best, efficient and environmentally friendly products with lowest possible carbon footprint and most sustainable manufacturing practices.

Our Innovations focus on sustainability and environment protection with our products.